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10 important things to buy land

How do you buy land? Buying a land is not something to jump into quickly. If you’re a first time land buyer, the process of buying the right plot can be quite a daunting task. LVG Land Deals put together a list of 10 things to consider before you buy land. 

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The most important things in real estate is location when you want to buy land. Neighborhood is a  key in a rural setting, just like in a city . Keep an eye out for areas due to profits from improved infrastructure such as transport links. Examine any future plans the government may have that could impact the land value like new highways or powerplants.

2-Plan Ahead

 The kind of the property will impact the. down payment directly. You need to talk to a lender who specializes in rural property financing.

3-Determine Your Financing 

An experienced rural property lender will ask you tough questions to help you determine the amount of land or size of farm you can afford and what to expect after the purchase.

4-Road Access

When you buy land, you require to be able to get to it easily. That means you need to know if the roads leading to your land are someone else’s private property. If so, you’ll have to get legal permission (the official term is easement) to utilize them. If you don’t have an easement, then you can’t get to your property. Therefore, you may as well not even buy land.

5-What’s Included in the Sale

 It’s necessary that both the buyer and the seller realize, in writing, what is included in the details of the real estate transaction.

6-Steps to buy Land

 Each situation is unique. A normal closing can be expected about 45 days after you and the seller sign the contract. There are several steps in-between signing the contract and taking possession.

7-Environmental Concerns,  Flood Insurance and Title 

 Environmental concerns refer to any environmental dangers that could affect your home’s safety. In addition, any endangered plants or animals living on your property. If you buy land in a wooded area, inspect to see how many trees you’re allowed to clear. Flood zone inspection can determine if the land is in a flood zone, or not. Title insurance is the most secure way to purchase property today.

Buy land8-Local Resources and How Quickly You Can Start Building

 Developing a personal network of contacts in the area of your land, is vital especially if it’s not in the same location you live. Undeveloped land may require a lot of work before you can build anything on it. Will you need to clear trees or fill in ravines? If the land has an existing structure that needs demolition, that’s even more time and money to include in your budget.

9-Costs of Ownership

 Many people find purchasing land is the first step of ownership. Future investments are determined by how you decide to use the land.

10-Property Boundaries

 You should go to the county assessor’s office and ask them to pull the “card” for the property you plan to buy to understand restrictions and how many acres are being taxed.


No matter how good the deal looks, don’t buy a piece of land in a awful location just to get a bargain. Quality counts.

These 10 tips highlight better approach to buy land. Don’t miss out our cheap properties. For more information on purchasing, selling, or investing in vacant land, is here to help throughout the entire land selling and buying process! If you are searching to purchase affordable land, please contact us.


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