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Buying a Land during Black Friday

It’s almost Black Friday once again and there are bargains galore to be had. New gadgets, new and smarter smart TVs, new clothes, shoes, appliances at very cheap prices. It’s very tempting to spend some cash at this once-a-year opportunity. Then again, there are other opportunities more worthwhile than Black Friday bargains. Like downturns in cryptocurrency, new IPOs, and especially cheaper land in the market. 

Which is the better choice? A new thousand-dollar designer bag half-priced by Black Friday? It is quite tempting. It’s also tempting to get a new 52-inch smart TV to pair with your Netflix subscription. And while waiting for Black Friday, you managed to reserve quite an amount for it. However, this may or may not apply to you as the reader, but do you have a landlord because you’re renting? Wouldn’t it be better to invest in your own land first and not in Black Friday?

Invest in Land versus other thing during Black Friday

Black Friday might seem like a good idea at first, but the novelty of those new shoes, bags, and clothes will wear out in a couple of weeks. Your new phone, in a few months, your new TV in about the same time. But what if you take a blue pill and invest in futures such as crypto, stocks and land? Having any of the three can easily boost not just your financial worth but your self-worth as well. Besides, Black Friday is just one of the dozens of discount promos any store can give out at any given time. Your current stuff which no doubt you’ve acquired lately can still wait another year.

But new IPOs of up-and-coming companies don’t come as frequently and stock prices for these can go up for a while and initial investors have a few perks. Cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more ground as worthwhile investments and tend to go up quite a bit. And most importantly, one cannot dismiss a piece of real-estate that just came into the market. That small plot of land somewhere in, let’s say, Virginia, that’s worth all the electronics you were planning on buying. Give or take a few hundred bucks.

Invest in land versus stock

While stocks and crypto may seem like a good idea, land is still a better deal. The former two tend to be liquid and volatile. But not land. Real estate prices can remain the same for a while or continue to appreciate. That piece of land you bought for a couple of thousand dollars could go up significantly in a few years. Stocks while profitable for a short term however can suddenly dip and so can crypto. Both require plenty of time and maintenance and have a high degree of risk. With crypto, there’s the possibility of getting hacked.

As mentioned, stocks and crypto are liquid in nature while land or real-estate are quite tangible, as tangible as what you planned to get on Black Friday. Knowing that you just bought a plot of land out there has its own feeling of accomplishment. 

Plus, investing in land can have some advantages. There’s the possibility of passive income. If your real estate has a structure, it can be rented out after some fixing. If you have some extra, you can fix the structure and flip the land for a higher price. Buying land is also as simple and easy as buying stocks, and there’s less competition. Land is low maintenance, unless it has structures. Unlike stocks though, land is long-term. It doesn’t change unless you change it. You have complete control over its value. You can enrich it and sell it, or you can keep it, use it as a retreat. There are plenty of possibilities.

So instead of spending your cash on something trivial such as Black Friday, save it, add more, and if you know where to look, there’s a plot of land out there worth a little more or less with your name on it.

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