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9 Golden Rules for farming


If you want to become a farmer, serve your family and community and provide them with food; If you enjoy working with soil; If you are not afraid of facing financial and challenges and hard-working; So do not waste time, it is time to put aside your suit and wear work boots and hat.

But note that you have taken a difficult path. Along the way, always remember these 9 tips. I can not say that you will surely succeed by following these rules, but not following them will also cause you problems.


Rule No. 1

Avoid debt 

This is the most important rule in farming. It is interesting to note that in recent years, “debt” has plagued farmers more than other factors (such as drought, pests, and diseases). Many farmers were forced to give up their favorite jobs simply because they could not repay their bank debts. Loans can accelerate our journey towards goals, but they can never be the most important factor for success.

Even having a bachelor’s degree in agriculture can not guarantee that you will be successful in agriculture. Reading specialized agricultural books can never replace skill and experience. Of course, this does not mean that you should never borrow or lend; it is necessary to borrow sometimes. But you need to rely on your own abilities and credit rather than on debt. Consider this rule, in general, to avoid debt as much as possible.

Rule No. 2

Think of failure as an opportunity

Do not be afraid to fail. Many people spend every day in fear of failure. And they are willing not to tolerate the humiliation of failure at any cost. If your main concern is not to fail, you are wrong. Undoubtedly, you will face failure in farming. So instead of fearing failure, welcome it. You can turn failure into opportunity. Failure will help you to recognize your limitations, weaknesses, and strengths and use this knowledge to succeed in the long run. Remember that you will not learn anything until you fail. Failure strengthens you mentally and emotionally. So never be afraid. Move and fail wisely! This failure will make you successful.

Rule No. 3

Find a market for your products, before farming

If you want to raise cows, grow watermelons and melons, or grow other crops on your farm, you need to know who your customers are. How far are you from them? How much will they buy from you? How they can reach you and how much they will pay for your product. Before you start to produce something, think about how to sell it. Sales are as important as production. Without the right sales channel, your business will not achieve the desired results. So think more about designing your marketing plan.

Rule No. 4

Choose a product that fits your farm

You need to be able to identify which plant or animal your farm is suitable for. Choose the product that generates the most revenue for you at the lowest cost. The nature of a farm may create conditions that make it possible to raise domestic animals, such as sheep, chickens, and cattle, well and at a minimal cost. The same farm may not be suitable for raising other animals such as ducks or fish, or raising these animals will require more money and energy. The same is true for plants. So when choosing your field of activity, you should pay attention to the fit of your farm and production plan. This will greatly affect the productivity of your farm.


Rule No. 5

Keep your motivation and enthusiasm

Agriculture and farming are hard works. So try to choose an activity that you are interested in. Your choice will help you to endure the hardships better. This may seem obvious at first, but when we want to make a decision, financial criteria become more prominent and most of us forget our interests.

Rule No. 6

Wise targeting

Believe that everyone knows how talented you are! So you do not need to be overly ambitious. You are not going to cover the entire market of the province or create a dream income. Once you can supply your local market and cover current costs, it is great at the start.

On the other hand, take care of your physical health. Farming work is very difficult and you should be able to maintain this path for many years. So aim wisely and avoid burnout. Sometimes it is necessary to take time to enjoy work and life to make up for lost energy.

Rule No. 7

Once you make a wise decision, it doesn’t matter what other people think of you

Be determined in the path you have chosen. Others may blame or laugh at you for the plans and dreams you have in mind. But these reactions should not distract you from the path you have taken. If you are going to pay attention to what others are saying, there are always people who warn you about progressing and carrying out your plans. So believe in yourself and finish what you have decided.

Rule No. 8

Be humorous

A sense of humor helps you in agriculture and farming. In a working day on the farm, many things can happen, from the anger and quarrels of customers to the problems and troubles that farmworkers cause, or adverse events that occur unexpectedly. Having a sense of humor is a simple but very effective defense mechanism to maintain your energy and motivation. If you can not laugh at the problems, it will be very difficult for you to bear.

Rule No. 9

The study, ask questions and share your knowledge with others.

You have to get used to reading. Start with the things that interest you. Put selfishness aside and ask questions for more information. The last rule is to share your knowledge with others. Do not be stingy. Help those who need your knowledge.

If you are still interested in farming, welcome to this great world!


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